NY Schools Agree to Change Girls Soccer

MANHATTAN (CN) – The New York City Department of Education will move the high school girls’ soccer season from spring to fall next year to provide players the same

opportunities boys get to be recruited by colleges. The change comes after the New York Civil Liberties Union threatened to file a Title IX lawsuit on behalf of high school student athletes who said the spring season discriminated against girls.

     The NYCLU claimed that playing in the spring put girls at a disadvantage for college recruitment and scholarships and also denied them of the chance to compete with soccer teams outside of New York City.
     It forced some girls to choose between playing for a high school soccer team and a club soccer team, which put the girls that do both at a greater risk for injury, stress and academic pressure and can result in conflicting game schedule, the NYCLU said.
     The Department of Education agreed to schedule girls’ soccer teams for the fall season.

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