NY Mom Sues Rudy Giuliani – No, Not That One

     BROOKLYN (CN) – Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani’s cousin faces a lawsuit among other school officials accused of assaulting a mentally disabled student.
     Rhonda Davis sued the principal of P.S. K369, who is also named Rudy Giuliani, on Thursday on behalf of her 20-year-old son, Aswan Taylor.
     She says her son was trying to leave campus this time last year, after an administrator said something that hurt his feelings, when school dean Timothy Gilroy jumped on Taylor to stop him.
     Knowing that her brother had a heart condition and seeing that his lips were turning blue, Taylor’s sister got scared and tried to intervene, according to the complaint.
     His sister was arrested, and Taylor needed three stitches in his chin, according to the 24-page complaint.
     “She was pulling him off of me,” Taylor said, according to a statement of facts by the school quoted in the complaint. “I couldn’t see what was going on because my chin was bleeding.”
     Davis says Giuliani, though not involved in the scuffle, is responsible for ensuring students’ safety.
     Taylor was suspended and has lost out on months of schooling, according to the complaint. He is now homeschooled.
     Davis says Gilroy and another administrator, Maha Sherwood, have a history of harassing students and have been the subject of complaints for violence and verbal abuse in the past at the the Boerum Hill school.
     She says she tried to transfer her son to another school, but no one in the school district would help.
     She also says Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson turned his back on them, and “did nothing whatsoever to even inquire let alone arrest” those who injured her son.
     The boy’s mother seeks punitive and compensatory damages for negligence and assault.
     She is represented by Stuart R. Shaw.

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