NY Jets Accused of Manipulating Ticket Prices

          MINEOLA, N.Y. (CN) – Three men claim the New York Jets manipulated ticket prices in the “Coaches Club” section in their new stadium by claiming that 2,000 seat licenses would be auctioned off, and would only be available online, then withheld 1,400 tickets to prop the price up.

     Plaintiffs claim the manipulation was egregious, in that the Jets advertised the auction by claiming, “rather than set a price, we’ll let the marketplace decide.”
     They claim that “Jets Chairman and CEO Robert W. (Woody) Johnson admitted after the auction that the defendants reduced the number of seats for sale from 2,000 because having too many available had hurt demand.”
     The plaintiffs also sued StubHub, an online ticket broker.
     Plaintiffs William Poisson, John McHale, and Robert J. Walker demand punitive damages for false advertising, deceptive trade, conspiracy, misrepresentation and bad faith. They are represented in Nassau County Court by Robert Walker with Gallagher, Walker and Bianco of Mineola.

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