Nude Selfie Leads to Suicide Try

BROOKLYN (CN) – A teenage girl claims in court that she tried to kill herself after her friend posted online a nude selfie that she sent him on Snapchat.
     Jane Doe, 14, sued 13-year-old G.D. and his parents, in Kings County Supreme Court.
     She claims that in October 2013 she sent G.D., a fellow student at the Brooklyn Public Charter School, a nude picture of herself through Snapchat.
     By design, Snapchat deletes images 10 seconds after they’re sent.
     But the boy managed to get a screenshot of the picture, then “distributed the picture widely” on Instagram and Facebook after the girl refused to send him another one, she says in the lawsuit.
     Doe spotted the picture on Instagram after she was “tagged” as the subject of the photo, “making it obvious to everybody who saw it and knew her that it was a picture of her,” the lawsuit states.
     Fearing that her parents would find out, and “to protect herself from unwanted harassment,” the girl deleted her online presence. She even changed her appearance by changing her hair style and wearing loose-fitting sweaters and sweatshirts “to avoid recognition.”
     “Plaintiff was worried each school day because she feared other students had negative opinions of her due to the dissemination of the picture,” the complaint states.
     She became depressed and “more than once” engaged in “self-harming behavior associated with suicidal ideation, including auto-asphyxiation,” according to the complaint.
     Her parents ultimately discovered the picture after a friend’s child from another school got hold of it and recognized the girl.
     She seeks $70,000 in special and punitive damages for intentional infliction of emotional distress and fraud.
     She is represented by Carrie Goldberg.

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