Nude Intruder’s Rampage at Beachfront Condo Sparks Lawsuit

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (CN) – A naked 240-pound man on LSD was able to go on a violent rampage in a Florida apartment building due to lax security at the property, a resident claims in court.

In a lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County circuit court on June 1, Denis Duddy claims the naked assailant kicked down the door of his Boca Raton penthouse and beat him with a vase and a table.

The intruder had been wandering defendant Whitehall Condominium Association’s beachfront property for several minutes before the attack, Duddy says.

“Security staff failed to appropriately respond to the naked man high on drugs. As a result, the man was able to run up and down the Whitehall property unimpeded, including entering the lobby that was supposed to have ‘manned security’ present,” the lawsuit alleges.

The trespasser went into a  private elevator and made his way up to Duddy’s apartment where the Feb. 25 attack took place, the lawsuit says.

“The 18-year-old 240-pound naked man, high on drugs, physically beat 50-year-old resident Denis Duddy with his fists, a vase and a metal table. … Duddy suffered repeated direct blows to his head, his neck and his body. The beating lasted for at least 10 minutes,” the complaint states.

The attacker, identified as Michael Eugene Ramsey in the criminal court filings, allegedly pulled out a large clump of Duddy’s hair, which police found on the ground.

According to the police report, the attacker was sitting in a chair inside Duddy’s apartment, sweating profusely, when officers arrived. Boca Raton police took him to a local hospital after he told them he had taken two hits of acid, the report states. He was arrested and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, among other charges.

Duddy had never met the man before, according to the police report.

The lawsuit says Duddy suffered brain and spinal injuries in the attack. He and his attorney Michael Brevda had publicly expressed plans to take legal action against the condo association shortly after the incident.

The alleged attacker is not a party to the civil case.

Duddy seeks damages for negligence on the part of the Whitehall Condominium Association, which he says was in charge of hiring security for the premises.

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