Nuclear Facilities

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Since members of the United States government believed Iraq had nuclear weapons, the government and the International Atomic Energy Agency agreed that the United States would provide the agency with information on civil nuclear and nuclear-related items, materials, and activities not currently covered by the U.S.-IAEA Safeguards Agreement.
The new agreement is to allay the concerns of nations without nuclear weapons capability that their providing the same information would put them at a competitive disadvantage for peaceful nuclear uses.
     The Commerce Department’s Bureau of Industry and Security requests comment on regulations implementing the new agreement, which requires the United States to declare to the international agency a number of nuclear fuel cycle-related items, materials, and activities that may be used for peaceful nuclear purposes, but that also could be necessary elements for a nuclear weapons program. The Bureau of Industry and Security first must obtain the information from civil nuclear facilities, before passing it on to the international agency.
     Within 180 days of the United States ratifying the agreement, the government must submit the declaration. The information the bureau must collect includes information about mining and concentration of nuclear ores; nuclear-related equipment manufacturing, assembly, or construction; imports, exports, imports and exports of specified nuclear equipment and non-nuclear material, and nuclear fuel cycle-related research and development activities not involving nuclear material.
     Click on the document icon on the front page for details and other new regulations.

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