Not Again, SEC Says, Eying Attorney

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The SEC on Monday filed stop orders against 20 “purported mining companies” – all allegedly controlled by an attorney who was subject of a prior SEC enforcement action and was suspended from practicing before any entity regulated by the SEC.
     The SEC said it believes the 20 companies filed false information in their registration statements – i.e., that someone other than John Briner, the suspended attorney, “controlled and solely governed the company.” Those alleged straw men varied by company, the SEC said in a statement about the stop orders.
     The SEC in 2009 accused Briner of running a pump and dump scheme.
     The 20 companies named in the stop orders on Monday are:
     Braxton Resources Inc.
     Bonanza Resources Corp.
     Canyon Minerals Inc.
     CBL Resources Inc.
     Chum Mining Group Inc.
     Clearpoint Resources Inc.
     Coronation Mining Corp.
     Eclipse Resources Inc.
     Gaspard Mining Inc.
     Gold Camp Explorations Inc.
     Goldstream Mining Inc.
     Jewel Explorations Inc.
     Kingman River Resources Inc.
     La Paz Mining Corp.
     Lost Hills Mining Inc.
     PRWC Energy Inc.
     Seaview Resources Inc.
     Stone Boat Mining Corp.
     Tuba City Gold Corp.
      Yuma Resources Inc .

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