Not a Very Good Idea

     PLYMOUTH, Mass. (CN) – A Pembroke Hospital employee had sex with a psychiatric patient and took video and photos of it, and when the patient’s wife saw it on his cellphone she kicked him out of the house, the man claims in court.
     Hayward Henry sued Caren Jean Hall and Pembroke Hospital, in Plymouth County Court. He claims that Hall developed an inappropriate relationship with him while he was being treated at the psychiatric hospital in August 2010.
     He was discharged that month and sent to a different hospital, which is not a party to the lawsuit. Henry claims that at Hall’s suggestion, he got a day pass from the second hospital’s “partial hospitalization program” and met her at a hotel to have sex.
     “The sexual relations also included the making of a video and the taking of photographs,” Henry says in the lawsuit.
     It continues: “Shortly thereafter the plaintiff was discharged from the Arbour-Fuller Hospital to his home. The plaintiff’s wife discovered nude pictures/videos of defendant Caren Jean Hall on the plaintiff’s cell phone and kicked him out of the house.
     “As a result of his encounter and abuse at the hands of the defendant Caren Jean Hall the plaintiff suffered psychiatric de-compensation and attempted suicide. The plaintiff was admitted to the High Point Treatment Center on September 7, 2010, and he reported the above referenced encounter with the defendant Caren Jean Hall to his case manager on the day of his admission.”
     Henry seeks damages for negligence and violations of state mental health regulations. He is represented by David Hagemeyer, of West Roxbury.

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