No Retrial for Patent Lawsuit Against Google

     MARSHALL, Texas (CN) – Google failed to prove that certain patents were invalid, a federal judge ruled, but a Texas company cannot get a new trial to claim that Google AdSense and AdWords infringed on those patents.
     Function Media accused Google of providing print and Internet advertising products and services that violate its patents.
     A jury ultimately cleared Google of infringement in January 2011 and said the patents were invalid because of a prior art.
     Function Media subsequently filed a motion for judgment as a matter of law, arguing for the claims’ validity.
     U.S. Magistrate Judge Charles Everingham IV agreed that Google’s expert failed to prove that four of the patent claims were invalid, but he upheld the remainder of the jury’s verdict for noninfringement in a seven-page order.
     Function Media cannot get a new trial, however.
     In 2009, the parties stipulated to dismiss Yahoo as a defendant in the case.

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