NLRB Representation Regulations Amended

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Eight changes have been made to regulations on filing and processing petitions for the National Labor Relations Board to decide whether employees should be represented during collective bargaining with their employer.
     The changes are meant to help eliminate unnecessary litigation, inefficiency, abuse of process, and delay.
     The changes are to allow the NLRB to more promptly determine if there is a question about representation and, if so, to resolve it by conducting a secret-ballot election and certifying the results.
     The NLRB believes that the final rule will focus pre-election hearings on issues relevant to determining if there is a question about representation, provide for pre-election briefing only when it will assist the decision makers, reduce piecemeal appeals, consolidate requests for review of regional directors’ pre- and post-election determinations into a single, post-election request, make review of post-election regional determinations discretionary, and eliminate duplicative regulations.
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