NLRB Attorney Accused |Of Having Insider Affair

     LAS VEGAS (CN) – U-Haul accuses the United States government of conspiracy and conversion in pursuing a National Labor Relations Board complaint against the company. It claims an NLRB attorney had an affair with a U-Haul attorney, and got confidential legal documents from her to use in the case.

     U-Haul’s federal complaint states that it has to sue the government because the attorney who allegedly had the affair, Nathan Albright, died in August 2006.
     U-Haul claims Albright initiated the affair for the purpose of using privileged attorney-client information, and did use it.
     U-Haul says the paralegal worked for the Nevada law firm Kamer, Zucker & Abbott, which it had hired to represent it before the NLRB.
     It demands damages for conversion, tortiously conspiracy and negligence. U-Haul is represented by Kimberly McGhee with Bailey & Kennedy.

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