Nightmare on a Go-Cart Track

     (CN) – An Ohio amusement park worker says in court he lost his leg after getting pinned between go-carts.
     Kyle Masterson says he was working at Swings-n-Thing Family Fun Park as an attendant when one of the motorized carts spun out and became incapacitated.
     He moved onto the track, as his training had instructed, to wave the other carts on the track around the disabled cart.
     In the process, another go-cart driven by Christopher Tizzano, a minor, “was traveling at a high rate of speed and struck Masterson, pinning him between his cart and the disabled cart.”
     Witnesses say they saw Tizzano “traveling at an unsafe speed,” and previously bumping other go-carts immediately prior to hitting Masterson, according to the complaint.
     Masterson says that, after the accident, doctors had to amputate his right leg below the knee.
     Park owner Timothy Sorge “required Masterson to engage in an activity which was known to substantially certain to cause injury,” according to the complaint.
     Masterson says the park operators also “failed to properly instruct and/or train proper safety methods, guarding and equipment established for the go-cart track.”
     Masterson and his parents seek damages for negligence.
     They sued: Swings-N-Things; its subsidiaries, Family Fun Park, Paintball Village, Strike Zone, Family Entertainment Center, Family Fun Center, Kid’s Korner; Sorge, the owner; Tizzano and his mother, Lisa Godnick.
     They are represented by W. Craig Bashein of Bashein & Bashein in Cleveland.

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