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Top CNS stories for today including a federal judge expressing skepticism about Twitter’s claims in response to a class action accusing the company of colluding with a defunct app-maker; President Obama opening a probe of foreign influence on the 2016 election; dinosaur feathers found in Asian amber market, and more.

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1.) ‘Nearby’ Red Giant Star Studied for Prediction on Earth’s Demise

A nearby star could provide astronomers with a glimpse into Earth’s future, as the star’s evolution to a massive red giant star could show whether Earth will survive when the sun eventually grows to 100 times its current size.

2.) Obama Opens Probe of Foreign Influence on Election 2016

President Barack Obama has directed the country’s intelligence community to study the foreign influence on 2016 elections, a White House official said Friday.

3.) Postal Service Can’t Nix Suit Over Political Stamps

In a case where zombies, Jesus and Jeb Bush made the cut, a federal judge found that the U.S. Postal Service must face discrimination claims for turning down a custom stamp critical of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.

4.) Judge Leery of Twitter’s Claims in Class Action

Telling an attorney for Twitter, “I don’t see how you can even make that argument with a straight face,” a federal judge Thursday heard arguments in a class action accusing the company of colluding with a defunct app-maker to misappropriate people’s online identities.

5.) Dinosaur Feathers Found in Asian Amber Market

A piece of amber purchased at a market in Myanmar contains the feathers and partial tail of a baby dinosaur that lived about 99 million years ago, preserved well enough for scientists to fill in details of the dinosaurs’ feather structure and evolution.

6.)  Los Angeles Prevails Over Kern County in 10-Year Legal War

After 10 years of legal wars, a California state judge struck down a Kern County law prohibiting Los Angeles from dumping treated sludge on the agricultural county’s farmland.

7.) Confession to Be Played at Church Slayings Trial

A South Carolina man’s videotaped confession to killing nine black parishioners in a Charleston church in 2015 will be publicly shown for the first time on Friday when prosecutors show it to the jurors who will decide the fate of the accused.


8.) Private Operator Blamed for Texas Prison Riot

Weary of flooding toilets and rats, inmates rioted and shut down a South Texas federal immigration prison, costing 400 locals their jobs, a Texas county claims in a lawsuit against a prison-management firm.

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