Nightly Brief

Top CNS stories for today including former the Third Circuit supporting gun rights for felons, the Hubble telescope finding a ‘fossil’ of the early Milky Way, California rejecting major coastal development, and more.
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     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) En Banc 3rd Circuit Supports Restored Gun Rights for Felons
     A razor’s edge split the en banc Third Circuit Wednesday in supporting the right for felons to bear arms, fueling predictions of a Supreme Court battle.
     2.) Hubble Finds ‘Fossil’ of Early Milky Way
     A fossilized remnant of the early Milky Way — harboring stars up to several million times larger than the sun — may provide new insights into the galaxy’s ancient past.
     3.) Brown Signs Push for Drastic Emissions Cuts in California
     California Gov. Jerry Brown signed two measures Thursday that make the nation’s most advanced climate laws even tougher, overcoming opposition that once imperiled his goals.
     4.) California Rejects Major Coastal Development
     After a nearly 12-hour hearing, the California Coastal Commission late Wednesday voted 9-1 against a plan to develop the largest parcel of open space left along the Southern California Coast.
     5.) Texas Blew Off Judge on Voter ID, DOJ Says
     The Justice Department asked a federal judge to force Texas to follow a court order restricting its photo ID voting law instead of using a “standard [that] is incorrect and far harsher than the court-ordered standard.”
     6.) No Retrial of Former VA Governor McDonnell
     After a Supreme Court reversal, prosecutors said Thursday they will not seek a retrial of former Virginia governor Bob McDonnell on corruption charges
     7.) Avant-Garde Sex Toys Caught in Data Dilemma
     Maybe some things should stay low-tech. Hauling her smartphone-paired vibrator to federal court, an Illinois woman says the makers of We-Vibe are keeping tabs on users’ most intimate data.
     8.) Senators Weigh Plan to Endorse Nuclear-Test Ban
     The Senate Committee on Foreign Relations engaged in rigorous debate Wednesday over unreleased terms of the Obama administration’s proposed ratification of the United Nation’s nuclear-test ban treaty.

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