Nightly Brief

     Top CNS stories for today including a federal lawsuit challenging overall court administration in California, a divided D.C. Circuit overturning the federal government’s approval of restrictive voter ID requirements in three states, word from scientists that they’ll soon be able to measure how much energy is left on Earth, and more.
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     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Brown Signs Historic Bill on Overtime Pay for Farmworkers
     Acting against California’s prominent agricultural industry and in favor of thousands of farmworkers, Gov. Jerry Brown signed a bill on Monday that grants agricultural workers long-awaited overtime pay.
     2.) Clerk Sues Judicial Council in Federal Court

A longstanding scrap between a court clerk and one of two judges in a rural courthouse in California has spilled into an unusual federal lawsuit against the judge and the overall court administration in California.

     3.) Climate Change Info Needed to Save Wildlife
     With the impact of climate change on future biodiversity still largely unknown, an international group of biologists wants to predict how climate change will affect species competition and movement — factors that can have a significant influence on survival or extinction.
     4.) D.C. Circuit Overturns Voter Citizenship Check
     A divided D.C. Circuit overturned the federal government’s approval of Kansas, Alabama and Georgia’s requests to add state-specific, proof-of-citizenship requirements to the National Mail Voter Registration Form.
     5.) Pork Producers Can Challenge Info Release
     Pork producers can challenge the public release of their water pollution permit applications, which state the estimated annual amount of waste produced by their pig farms, the Eighth Circuit ruled.
     6.) Calculation of Earth’s Fuel Expected by 2025
     It takes an enormous amount of fuel to power Earth’s magnetic field, plate tectonics and volcanoes, and scientists say that with new detectors coming online soon they’ll know how much fuel is left in the planet’s tank by 2025.
     7.) 7th Circuit Affirms Prison Time for Mugabe Lobbyist
     The Seventh Circuit found no error in the way a jury found a Chicago man guilty for acting as a lobbyist to Zimbabwe’s sanctioned president, Robert Mugabe.
     8.) 3rd Circuit Vindicates Solicitor Fired for Politics
     A former county solicitor in Pennsylvania is entitled to $94,000 after a Republican county executive planned a “sham reorganization” as a pretext to fire her because she supported his Democratic rival, the Third Circuit ruled.

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