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     Top CNS stories for today including Hmong tribesmen in northern California taking on their local sheriff over voter suppression, a federal judge’s refusal to delay the Trump University trial, a court defeat for Britain-bound chimps, and more.
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     1.) NorCal Hmong, ACLU Take on Sheriff Over Voter Suppression
     Under the dominating silhouette of Mt. Shasta in northern California, a community of Hmong tribesmen from Vietnam have found peace. But, helped by the ACLU, they are now locked in litigation with the local sheriff over threats from plainclothed police and their right to vote.
     2.) Federal Judge Refuses to Delay Trump U. Trial
     Win or lose in November, Donald Trump will be in the courtroom later that month defending claims against his now-defunct Trump University after a federal judge on Thursday denied his request to delay the first class-action trial.
     3.) Court Defeat for Britain-Bound Chimps
     Dashing the hopes of animal-rights advocates, a federal judge refused to stop the exportation of eight endangered chimpanzees to an unaccredited British zoo.
     4.) Wiretap-Costs Whistleblower Fights for Credit
     A career prosecutor who blew the whistle on surging wiretap costs fought Wednesday to have the Ninth Circuit revive his fraud case against the nation’s largest communications carriers.
     5.) Officer Tells of Refuge Occupier’s Death Threat
     An Oregon sheriff’s lieutenant testified Wednesday that Ammon Bundy’s right-hand man told him he should remove Sheriff Dave Ward from office using “any means necessary, including death.”
     6.) Trump and Clinton Tied in Latest National Poll
     A New York Times/CBS News poll released Thursday morning shows Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald tied in a four-way contest including Libertarian and Green Party candidates.
     7.) Arbitrator OKs $5.8 Million Award to Bruce Willis
     Confirming a $5.8 million award to Bruce Willis, an arbitrator found the head of a movie production company “thoroughly non-credible” after his “eight month barrage of misrepresentation” about a film that died a week into shooting.
     8.) Cook County GOP Can Block ‘Carpetbaggers’
     A federal judge upheld a Cook County GOP bylaw passed due to Republican fears that their seats were being infiltrated by Democratic operatives.

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