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     Top CNS stories for today including the major news organizations suing the FBI for records on the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone, the “Birther” issue coming back to bite Donald Trump, the Zika virus being found in the tears of infected adults, and more.
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     1.) Media Sue FBI for Records on San Bernardino Terrorist’s IPhone
     In a federal complaint Friday against the FBI, three news outlets say there is a public interest in learning how investigators overcame Apple’s resistance to unlock the iPhone of San Bernardino terrorist Syed Farook.
     2.) ‘Birther’ Issue Comes Back to Bite Donald Trump
     Donald Trump’s campaign Thursday night said the Republican presidential candidate now believes President Barack Obama was born in the United States, but the candidate himself has been slow to address the issue, saying only that he’ll have a “major statement” on it later today.
     3.) Ticketed Protester’s Video Spells Trouble for Police
     A Connecticut man received a fistful of tickets for protesting a DUI checkpoint, but he is getting the last laugh in court. Video released in conjunction with his federal lawsuit shows police spoke openly about fabricating charges while the camera they seized recorded the whole thing.
     4.) FBI Revamps Policy for Posing as Journalists
     The FBI modified its policy on agents posing as journalists, nine years after it impersonated an Associated Press editor to catch a 15-year-old who sent bomb threats to a high school near Seattle.
     5.) State Can’t Cut Funds to Planned Parenthood
     Louisiana’s neediest residents can still get Medicaid-funded services from Louisiana Planned Parenthood facilities in the state, a federal appeals court ruled.
     6.) Zika Virus Found in Tears of Infected Adults
     On the heels of finding the Zika virus in the tears of mice, researchers have now found the virus in the fluid around the eyes of infected adults.
     7.) Appeals Court Remands ‘Goat Teats’ Case
      A deposed CEO can press his case that he told his female predecessor a story about milking “goat teats” in a cheese-making class, but never used “the word tits,” whether about “women, goats or anything else,” the Oregon Court of Appeals ruled.
     8.) Obama Creates Atlantic’s First Marine Monument
     Continuing to bolster his environmental legacy, President Barack Obama announced the creation of the first national marine monument in the Atlantic Ocean to protect endangered and threatened species affected by commercial fishing and other human activity.

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