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     Top CNS stories for today including the police chief of Fort Lee, N.J. telling the court of a “weird” meeting at outset of bridgegate, a federal judge halting the fight over Trump U. witnesses, a surveillance court ruling that chips away at everyone’s privacy, and more.
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     1.) Police Chief Tells Court of ‘Weird’ Meeting at Outset of Bridgegate
     Fort Lee’s police chief testified Tuesday about his clandestine meeting with a Port Authority official insisted on having about the 2013 George Washington Bridge shutdown.
     2.) Federal Judge Halts Fight Over Trump U. Witnesses
     A federal judge on Tuesday told Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump he won’t allow him to get into a filing war with former students suing him over promises made by his now-defunct real estate school.
     3.) August Sizzled as Hottest Month on Record
     A sweltering August marked the 16th consecutive month of record-breaking temperatures around the world.
     4.) Surveillance Court Ruling Chips at Privacy
     Privacy advocates are voicing alarm at a new surveillance court ruling that endorses loopholes for the U.S. government to collect private data in the name of national security.
     5.) D.C. Gun Laws Tested in Appeals Court Session
     Judges hearing appeals of two cases challenging Washington, D.C.’s strict law governing the issuance of concealed carry permits hounded the city’s lawyers Tuesday morning, asking them to explain why the law does not infringe on the Second Amendment.
     6.) More Officers Charged in Bay Area Sex Scandal
     Three more officers have been criminally charged over their involvement in a police sex scandal involving departments across the San Francisco Bay Area.
     7.) Park District Not Liable for Fireworks Injury
     A woman who lost her right foot in a fireworks accident cannot collect damages from the Chicago Park District, an Illinois appellate court ruled.
     8.) Florida Judge Clears Way for Release of Pulse Calls
     A Florida judge granted news organizations access to hundreds of 911 calls related to the mass shooting last June at an Orlando gay nightclub, but said calls in which patron’s deaths can be overheard will be exempt from her order.

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