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     Top CNS stories for today including the mayor of Fort Lee, N.J., blaming his fear of Chris Christie for biting his tongue on Bridgegate, a federal judge pressing Texas to abide by his Voter ID order, Greens seeking to block a proposal to increase the amount of fracking waste that can be released into the Gulf of Mexico, and more.
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     1.) NJ Mayor Blames Fear of Christie for Biting Tongue on Bridgegate
     Despite seeing himself as the target of the George Washington Bridge lane closures of 2013, Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich testified Wednesday that he hid this view from the public because he feared denouncing Gov. Chris Christie.
     2.) IRS Chief Slams Witch Hunt Over Targeting Scandal
     Giving his long-awaited defense to impeachment attempts Wednesday, IRS Commissioner John Koskinen said he would not reward the exaggerations of House Republicans by stepping down.
     3.) ‘Eco-Terrorist’ Appeal Flounders in 7th Circuit
     Taking on criminalization of animal-rights activists as terrorists, an attorney told the Seventh Circuit on Wednesday that even minor damage to a Whole Foods could trigger the law.
     4.) Judge Presses Texas to Abide by Voter ID Order
     Texas must revise its voter-education materials to “accurately reflect” the terms of a court order that watered down its voter ID law, a federal judge ruled.
     5.) Iconic Hawaiian Bird Threatened by Malaria
     The Fish and Wildlife Service Tuesday proposed a Hawaiian honeycreeper, the ‘i’iwi, for Endangered Species Act protection due to malaria threat.
     6.) Georgia Must Release Voter Registration Data
     A federal judge ordered Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp to release more detailed records explaining how the state decides to reject applicants trying to register to vote.
     7.) Greens Seek to Block Gulf Fracking Waste Proposal
     The Obama Administration has allowed unlimited dumping of hazardous offshore fracking wastewater into the Gulf of Mexico, and a new proposal seeks to continue the practice, an environmental group says.
     8.) EU Court Says No to Animal-Tested Makeup
     The European high court ruled Wednesday that cosmetics manufacturers can be barred from placing animal-tested products on the market, even if the products were originally intended for places that allow animal testing.

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