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     Top CNS stories for today including the Feds charging N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s former deputy with corruption, testimony at the Bridgegate trial suggesting N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s “henchman” at the port authority was untouchable, fisherman applauding a 9th Circuit ruling ordering tighter federal management of northern Pacific fisheries, and more.
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     1.) Feds Up Ante for Cuomo, Charging ‘Soprano’-Loving Former Deputy
     After taking down two branches of the New York Legislature, Manhattan’s top federal prosecutor hit Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s former deputy secretary on Thursday with 80 pages of lurid corruption charges.
     2.) Christie’s Henchman at Port Authority Was Untouchable
     The Port Authority official who restored order to the George Washington Bridge after a politically engineered lane shutdown testified Thursday about his disdain for Gov. Chris Christie’s henchman who took credit for the fiasco.
     3.) Charlotte Police Won’t Release Shooting Video
     Police officials in Charlotte, N.C. refused to buckle under Thursday to mounting pressure to release a video that could show whether the black man shot dead by a city police officer earlier this week had a gun in his hand before he was fired upon.
     4.) Ninth Circuit Sides With Fishermen in Inlet Fight
     In a decision praised by fishermen for its adherence to high standards, the Ninth Circuit ruled Wednesday that the federal government must manage fisheries in federal waters that require conservation, unless a plan cedes control to a state.
     5.) Hamas May Come Off EU’s Terror Watchlist
     A European Court of Justice adviser said Thursday that Hamas and another group should be removed from the EU’s list of known terrorist organizations due to a lack of corroborated evidence that the groups have continued committing acts of terror.
     6.) $2B Trolley Extension Underway in San Diego
     A $2 billion expansion of San Diego’s trolley system from the Mexican border to UC-San Diego, the biggest public transit project in city history, is expected to bring 14,000 jobs, 21,000 new daily riders and ease traffic and pollution in California’s second-largest city.
     7.) Latest Spending Bill Lacks Democratic Support
     Senate Republicans proposed a short-term spending bill Thursday that would fund the government into December and free up money to fight the Zika virus, but Democrats oppose it because it provides no money for Flint’s leaded-water crisis.
     8.) Mental Hospital Can’t ‘Castrate’ Unruly Patient
     A mental-hospital patient who routinely engages in sexually inappropriate behavior should not be “chemically castrated” in an effort to curb these incidents, the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled.

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