Nightly Brief


     Top CNS stories for today including snap polls showing Clinton won the first presidential candidate debate, the Bridgegate jury hearing that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie was pleased when told an aide engineered the traffic tie-up, a judge in Illinois blocks same-day voter registration in the state, and more.
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     1.) Snap Polls Say Clinton Won Debate
     Two snap polls on the heels of Monday’s presidential-candidate debate in New York found that voters nationally believe Democrat Hillary Clinton handily won her first face-to-face showdown with Republican Donald Trump. Preliminary numbers from Nielson suggest 80.9 million tuned in for the fun.
     2.) Judge Says She Faced Retaliatory Investigation
     A Michigan judge has brought a federal complaint against the sheriff of Ingham County and his deputy, saying they subjected her to an illegal investigation to get back at her for letting a reporter access footage of an attempted courtroom shanking.
     3.) House Republicans Blast NOLA Immigration Deal
     House Republicans railed against a Justice Department consent decree with the New Orleans Police Department Tuesday, claiming that it violates federal immigration law.
     4.) Bridge Gridlock Pleased Christie, Jury Hears
     Upon hearing that his appointee had engineered a traffic jam for political reasons, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie appeared happy about it, the governor’s former ally testified Tuesday in the scandal that helped destroy Christie’s White House ambitions.
     5.) Possible Geysers Spotted Erupting From Europa
     While Jupiter’s moon Europa has been considered one of the most likely places in our solar system to have alien life, a discovery announced by NASA on Monday raises the likelihood that it could house extraterrestrial microbes.
     6.) Court Bars Same-Day Illinois Voter Registration
     Illinois voters will not be able to register at the polls in November thanks to preliminary injunction granted by a federal judge Tuesday.
     7.) 11th Cir. Revives Sexual Predators’ Housing Claim
     The 11th Circuit on Monday revived two sexual offenders’ challenges to residency restrictions in Miami-Dade County that they contend are the strictest in the nation and patently unconstitutional.
     8.) Federal Judge Suppresses Cocaine, Blasts Police
     Texas police who found 8 kilos of cocaine during a random search of a Greyhound bus “created a checkpoint that trespassed on the Constitution” so the drugs cannot be used as evidence, a federal judge ruled.

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