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     Top CNS stories for today including four states suing the U.S. to try to stop transfer of internet manager; Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore removed from bench; the Bridgegate jury tours witness’s ‘path of lies’; California to develop quake warning system, and more.
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     1.) Four States Sue USA to Try to Stop Transfer of Internet Manager
     With the U.S. government set to cede control at midnight Friday over the nonprofit that manages the internet, Texas and three other states sued, seeking to stop a move they claim will expose them to meddling from foreign governments hostile to free speech.
     2.) Alabama Chief Justice Removed from Bench
     Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore was removed from the bench Friday for defying the U.S. Supreme Court’s Obergefell vs. Hodges decision by telling Alabama’s 68 probate judges they were still bound by a 2015 state court order to deny marriage licenses to gays.
     3.) N.C. Group Raffling Off AR-15, Clinton Portrait
     A North Carolina guns right group is raffling off an AR-15 rifle, 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a portrait of Democrat Hillary Clinton to raise money for its federal political action committee, drawing sharp rebukes from those dedicating to curbing gun violence.
     4.) Bridgegate Jury Tours Witness’s ‘Path of Lies’
     Living up to his promise of “rottweiler”-style questioning, a defense attorney turned up the heat Friday on the star witness testifying about politically engineered lane closures that crippled New Jersey traffic in 2013.
     5.) California to Develop Quake Warning System
     Seeking to get a leg up on California’s next major temblor and “potentially save lives,” Gov. Jerry Brown on Thursday approved a bill expediting the research and development of a statewide earthquake early warning system.
     6.) First Circuit OKs Ballot Selfies in New Hampshire
     The First Circuit shot down a New Hampshire law banning voters from taking selfies with their ballots, finding its limits on free speech worse than the photos’ vote-buying potential.
     7.) Paris Climate Pledges Not Enough to Save Us
     Top scientists say the Paris climate change agreement will not prevent global temperatures from rising to catastrophic levels in about 35 years, and they say they have the data to prove it.
     8.) PA Inmate Visitor Talks Ruled Inadmissible
     A prison visiting room phone conversation held between a glass partition cannot be recorded and used as evidence against an inmate on trial, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled.

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