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Top CNS stories for today including Supreme Court justices appear ready to overturn a Texas ruling allowing some with intellectual disabilities to face the death penalty; the Massachusetts attorney general siding with The Boston Globe in a public-records dispute; federal regulators fight to keep Superfund settlement talks secret, and more.

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1.) Banking Exec, Veteran Secretary Tapped for Treasury & Transportation

The transition team for President-elect Donald Trump confirmed Tuesday rumors that he had tapped the wife of Sen. Mitch McConnell as transportation secretary. On the heels of that announcement, rumors swirled anew of the banking executive Trump will name Treasury secretary.

2.) ‘Mice & Men’ Link in Death-Penalty Law Riles Justices

The Supreme Court seemed prepared Tuesday to overturn a Texas ruling that allows some people with intellectual disabilities to face the death penalty.

3.) Massachusetts AG Backs Globe’s Records Demand

The attorney general of Massachusetts has pushed her way into an ongoing public-records fight, siding with the Boston Globe over three district attorneys.

4.) 6th Circuit Weighs Medicaid Benefits for Resident Aliens

The Sixth Circuit heard arguments Tuesday over whether Michigan’s computer system glitches are still causing permanent resident aliens to be denied Medicaid benefits they are entitled to.

5.) Feds Fight to Keep Superfund Settlement Talks Secret

The plaintiff and defendant in one of the longest ongoing environmental cleanup cases joined forces in a Montana federal courtroom on Tuesday to fend off a request by a newspaper and a citizens group to intervene in the decades-old Superfund case.

6.)  WTO Dings Washington State Over Boeing Tax Deal

The World Trade Organization said Monday that 30-year tax breaks given to Boeing by Washington state to produce the 777X airliner violate international agreements on subsidies and countervailing measures.

7.) Football Head Impacts Affect Brains Quickly

Playing a single season of high school football can change brain composition, potentially exposing players to brain injuries and conditions that can lead to severe mental impairment and death.

8.) Pol Facing Retrial Loses Double-Jeopardy Fight

Double jeopardy does not bar federal prosecutors from retrying a Puerto Rican lawmaker who successfully appealed a mixed verdict on bribery charges.

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