Nightly Brief

Top CNS stories for today including advocates of criminal-justice reform hunting for clues on Trump; Feds suspending new mining permits near Yellowstone; New York’s highest court upholding the conviction of a judge who lied about being attacked with a toilet tank lid; scientists finding emissions cause record highs to outpace lows, and more.

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1.) Advocates of Criminal-Justice Reform Hunt for Clues on Trump

One plank of the platform that won the election for President-elect Donald Trump was a tough-on-crime promise to “Make America Safe Again.” Now with Inauguration Day on the horizon, advocates of criminal-justice reform wonder what putting Trump in the Oval Office will mean to the quiet, bipartisan momentum their cause has built.

2.) Feds Suspend New Mining Permits Near Yellowstone

The Obama administration on Monday continued its push to protect land from energy and mineral development in ecologically sensitive areas.

3.) Court Strikes Wisconsin’s ‘Partisan Gerrymander’

Republican redistricting crossed the line into unconstitutional gerrymandering in Wisconsin, a divided panel of federal judges ruled Monday, handing a rare victory to Badger State Democrats.

4.) Trump U Settlement Won’t Come From Trump’s Charity

Contrary to what he’s done in the past, President-elect Donald Trump will not dip into money raised by his charitable organization Trump Foundation to pay the $25 million Trump University settlement he agreed to last week.

5.) Conviction Upheld for Judge Who Lied About Attack

A small-town judge who lied about being attacked by an assailant wielding a toilet tank lid to score prescription pain medication was rightfully convicted, New York State’s Appellate Division found.

6.)  Emissions Cause Record Highs to Outpace Lows

Scorching, record-setting heat will be 15 times more common than record-low temperatures if the current pace of greenhouse gas emissions continues. Increased emissions will only deepen the ratio, according to new findings in a scientific journal.

7.) San Francisco Vacation-Rental Law Put on Hold

A federal judge gave home-share giant Airbnb a two-week reprieve from San Francisco’s short-term rental law, blocking the city from instituting criminal fines on any company that collects fees from unregistered bookings.

8.) Federal Judge Tosses Twitter Terror Lawsuit

A federal judge dismissed a lawsuit accusing Twitter of helping terrorists who killed two Americans overseas last year.

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