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Top CNS stories for today including House Democrats seizing on findings that Russia influenced the presidential election; Prince’s estate suing Jay Z over music streaming rights; the Indiana Supreme Court ruling that the University of Notre Dame can legally deny ESPN access to campus police records on student-athletes, and more.

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1.) Democrats Seize on Interference by Russia as Intelligence Director Resigns

Findings that Russia influenced the presidential election dominated a hearing Thursday where James Clapper announced his official resignation as director of national intelligence.

2.) Prince’s Estate Sues Jay Z Over Streaming Rights

Prince’s estate filed a federal lawsuit against hip-hop tycoon Jay Z’s Roc Nation, in a fight over who has the rights to stream the late artist’s music.

3.) Trump Hints at Juror Issues in Trump U Trial

President-elect Donald Trump asked a federal judge on Wednesday to disclose how a jury pool of 100 people were selected for the first Trump University trial, hinting he might accuse the judge of violating the Jury Selection and Service Act – cause for delaying the trial.

4.) Court Keeps Notre Dame Police Records Secret

The University of Notre Dame can legally deny ESPN access to its police records and crime reports regarding student-athletes, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled Wednesday.

5.) Rosy Budget Outlook for California — but Not Courts

California’s trial courts face an uncertain fiscal outlook in the coming year, partly because of two voter-approved propositions, the Legislative Analyst’s Office reported Wednesday in its biannual budget forecast.

6.)  Deep Ocean at Pluto’s Heart Likely Tilted the Planet

(CN) – Astronomers have found the extra mass of a liquid ocean deep beneath Pluto’s surface caused the planet to roll over, moving its iconic heart directly opposite the side facing its moon Charon.

7.) 7th Circuit Denies Release of ‘Making a Murderer’ Inmate

The Seventh Circuit on Thursday stayed an order to release Brendan Dassey of “Making a Murderer” fame, siding with Wisconsin prosecutors who argued he is a danger to the public.

8.) California Water Board Skewered on Salton Sea

Residents and officials living near California’s Salton Sea skewered the state water board in Sacramento on Tuesday for dragging their feet to solve the lake’s steady shrinking.

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