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Top CNS stories for today including the arrival of the “Alt-Right” at the White House drawing warnings from experts in extremism; a Missouri court ruling frozen embryos are not children; California state Workers inching toward a strike, and more.

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1.) Alt-Right’s Arrival at White House Draws Warnings

Taking a closer look at former Breitbart CEO Stephen Bannon’s future as a senior counselor in the incoming Donald Trump administration, experts in extremism are voicing concern about how hate crimes have risen along with the surge of the so-called alt-right.

2.) Missouri Court Rules Frozen Embryos Are Not Children

A divided Missouri appeals court ruled Tuesday that the frozen embryos of a divorced couple must be treated as marital property, not as children, even though state law defines life as beginning at conception.

3.) Third Circuit Says Territory Can’t Impair Union Contracts

The Third Circuit ruled Tuesday that the Virgin Islands cannot renege on its salary promises to unionized government employees, because it knew about its impending budget crisis when it signed the contracts.

4.) 9th Circuit Urged to Stop NorCal Logging Project

An attorney on Tuesday accused the U.S. Forest Service of prioritizing money-making over environmental protection when it approved logging on 2,000 acres of a protected watershed in Northern California.

5.)  Congress Grills Agency Heads on Cybersecurity

House Republicans proved unreceptive Wednesday to testimony about the need for money federal agencies need to weather the growing tide of cyberattacks.

6.)  Senate Democrats Tap Schumer to Replace Reid as Minority Leader

Senate Democrats Wednesday approved a leadership team that features both old party faithful and some new faces that could represent the party’s future.

7.) California State Workers Inch Toward Strike

Gender pay inequity was a key issue Tuesday when the 95,000 members of California’s largest public employee union voted to authorize a strike if negotiations with Gov. Jerry Brown continue to stall.

8.) 9th Circuit Takes Second Pass at Shooting Case

The parents of a man shot and killed by police challenged a $330,000 wrongful death award before a Ninth Circuit panel on Tuesday, while the city involved argued that any award is too big.

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