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Top CNS stories for today including Courthouse News filing a First Amendment action against Orange County’s court clerk over his policy of withholding newly filed cases until they are processed, in violation of a series of federal rulings; President Donald Trump signing an executive order setting the construction of a border wall between the United States and Mexico in motion; the European General Court upholds sanctions against a Russian weapons maker; a new habeas standard gives a California prisoner hope, and more.

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1.) Executive Order Signed for Wall on Mexico BorderUS Will Be ‘Reimbursed’ by Mexico, Trump Now Says

Directing the Department of Homeland Security to begin constructing a wall across the U.S.-Mexico border, President Donald Trump took executive action Wednesday to deliver on a promise from his primary campaign.

2.) Courthouse News Files 1st Amendment Case Against Orange County Clerk

Courthouse News filed a First Amendment action late Tuesday against Orange County’s court clerk over his policy of withholding newly filed cases until they are processed, in violation of a series of federal rulings.

3.) EU Court Upholds Sanctions of Russian Weapons Maker

The European General Court on Wednesday upheld an asset freeze on a Russian manufacturer of surface-to-air missiles in light of its weapons ending up in the hands of pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine.

4.)  Reporters Demand FBI Synopsis of Trump Dossier

A Politico reporter sued the CIA and FBI for the 2-page synopsis they gave President Donald Trump in a national security briefing about the 35-page “dossier” with salacious allegations about him in Russia, and whether the agencies believe the allegations are substantiated.

5.) New Habeas Standard Gives Calif. Prisoner Hope

A man who served 19 years of a 75-year sentence for armed robbery saw his convictions vacated last week by a California appeals court that applied a new law relaxing the standard the state will use to consider new evidence.

6.) House Votes to Forever Bar Federal Funding for Abortion

In a sweeping vote that could upset healthcare coverage for millions of women across the nation, House Republicans voted to permanently bar women in the United States from receiving federal assistance for abortions.

7.)  Showdown in House Over Obamacare Repeal

Members of a House committee held a testy, partisan slugfest over repealing Obamacare Tuesday, with Republicans citing its failures and Democrats accusing their counterparts of pulling the rug out from under millions of Americans without a plan to repeal the maligned law.

8.) LA County Orders Oversight of Sheriff’s Drones

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday agreed to provide oversight of the sheriff’s department’s new drone program, amid residents’ concerns that the flying fleet could be used to spy on them.

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