Nightly Brief

Top CNS stories for today including the California State Bar advancing the spinoff of sixteen specialty law groups; President Barack Obama has a Senate report on torture archived and kept secret; attorneys for Bill Cosby fight to bar 13 women who accuse him of sexual assault from testifying in his upcoming trial; prosecutors claim in court that the accused South Carolina church gunman had a list of additional potential targets, and more.

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1.) Water Wars

Two of three judges on a Ninth Circuit panel Monday indicated they believe the federal government had the authority to release 355 million gallons of water from California’s Trinity Reservoir to prevent a salmon die-off, despite water districts’ claims to the contrary.

2.) California State Bar Advances Spinoff of Specialty Law Groups

In the wake of wide-ranging changes to how the California State Bar will be running its operations, its board of trustees on Monday gave the nod to sixteen specialty law groups to start discussions with the legislature and Supreme Court on how to go about splitting from the bar.

3.) Obama Has Torture Report Archived, Kept Secret

A Senate report on torture and other harsh interrogation tactics that the CIA used in the war on terror will remain secret into the next administration, the White House revealed Monday.

4.) Fireworks as Court Preps for Cosby Accusers

Attorneys for Bill Cosby fought in court Tuesday to bar 13 women who claim that the comedian drugged and assaulted them from taking the witness stand in an upcoming trial.

5.) ‘Pizzagate’ Shooting Case Heads to Federal Court

Federal prosecutors asserted jurisdiction Tuesday over the bizarre “Pizzagate” plot involving a Washington, D.C., pizzeria where election-inspired conspiracy theories ended in gunfire.

6.)  ‘Moral Electors’ Appear to Be Going Nowhere

A federal judge Monday denied two Colorado electors’ requests to vote for neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton, and Washington’s attorney general told two electors from his state that they could vote as they pleased – but that it would cost them.

7.) Clinic Gripes to 9th Circ. About Cheap Vaccines

A Las Vegas clinic Monday tried to persuade the Ninth Circuit that the Southern Nevada Health District and GlaxoSmithKline are driving doctors out of business by abusing a federal drug discount program to dole out cheap vaccines while pocketing millions of dollars.

8.) Feds Say Church Gunman Had Other Targets

A former state law enforcement agent testified Tuesday that the man accused of killing nine parishioners during a Bible study class in a Charleston church had a list of other black churches with him when police arrested him.

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