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Top CNS stories for today include President Donald Trump tweeting that United States military solutions are “locked and loaded” should North Korea “act unwisely”; Pop star Taylor Swift testifying that a former DJ’s alleged groping of her was intentional; A South Florida man filing the first lawsuit in the state aimed at enforcing a new law prohibiting mugshot publishers from charging fees for removing unflattering online arrest photos, and more.

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1.) In National News, President Donald Trump tweeted Friday that the United States is prepared to take military action if North Korea should “act unwisely,” saying U.S. military solutions “are now fully in place, locked and loaded.”

(Jeff Kandyba via AP)

2.) Pop star Taylor Swift testified at the trial of a former DJ she accuses of groping her before a concert that, “It was a definite grab, a very long grab…It was long enough for me to be completely sure it was intentional.”

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

3.) Accusing the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of withholding ethics documents regarding its chief Scott Pruitt, California’s attorney general on Friday sued the regulator for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request.

4.) In Regional News, a Wisconsin judge ruled that jurors in the upcoming trials of two 15-year-old girls accused of trying to stab their friend to death to please a fictional boogeyman will be isolated from the public during the proceedings.

5.) A South Florida man filed the first lawsuit in the state aimed at enforcing a new law that prohibits mugshot publishers from charging fees for removing unflattering arrest photos from their websites.

6.) California’s 17-member Cannabis Banking Working Group convened for a sixth meeting to discuss creating a government-run public bank to give marijuana companies access to the banking system.

7.) Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards declared a state of emergency in New Orleans as the city’s 119-year-old drainage system teetered on the edge of failure, posing risks of more flooding if rain forecasts prove true this weekend.

(Photo: TU Wien/ASI/Land Tirol/BH Landeck)

8.) In Science News, new large-scale research shows that global warming has shifted the timing of floods across Europe, highlighting the current and ongoing effects of climate change.

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