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Top CNS stories for today including North Carolina repealing its controversial, anti-transgender “bathroom bill”; a GOP-led committee assails climate science on Capitol Hill; small Indian reservation fights Arizona over its annual allotment of water from the Colorado River; Two wineries challenging a Minnesota rule preventing them from using grapes, unfermented juices and honey from other states and countries, and more.

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1.) North Carolina Governor Signs ‘Bathroom Bill’ Repeal

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper on Thursday signed a bill repealing the state’s notorious anti-transgender “bathroom bill,” calling it a first step in repairing the state’s image. Cooper, a Democrat, signed the bill just hours after the measure was approved by the Republican-controlled Legislature. The measure passed the state Senate by a 32-16 vote; it passed in the House, 70-48. But critics say the compromise bill doesn’t go far enough to protect the LGBTQ community.

2.) GOP-Led Committee Assails Climate Science at House

Drawing the battle lines on the House floor, Rep. Lamar Smith opened a hearing of the science committee he chairs by condemning modern climate science.

3.) Tribe Fights Arizona Over Water Allotment

A small Indian reservation that’s become a major economic force in the desert south of Phoenix has sued the Central Arizona Water Conservation District for refusing to deliver what the tribe considers its annual allotment from the Colorado River.

4.) In Europe, High Bar Advised for Member States to Ban GMOs

An EU high court adviser on Thursday gave member states a very limited go-ahead to ban the cultivation of genetically modified crops, but only if they can prove the crops are “a serious and evident risk likely to endanger health and the environment.”

5.) California Moves to Label Roundup as a Carcinogen

Fresh off a state-court victory, California regulators this week announced their plans to place glyphosate – the active ingredient in the weed killer Roundup – on a list of chemicals known to cause cancer.

6.) Minnesota Wineries Fight In-State Grape Mandate

Two farm wineries are challenging a Minnesota rule preventing them from using grapes, unfermented juices and honey from other states and countries, claiming such a severe restriction limits domestic and foreign commerce.

7.) Greens Seek to Intervene in Marine Monument Challenge

The Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups sought Wednesday to intervene in a lawsuit challenging the creation of a marine monument by former President Barack Obama off the New England coast.

8.) Russian Dissident With Bull’s Eye Testifies at Senate

A man who twice survived poisoning for speaking out against the policies of Russian President Vladimir Putin regaled the Senate Wednesday about life under a government that targets political dissidents.

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