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Top CNS stories for today including Democrats vowing to filibuster Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation to the Supreme Court; the California Utilities Commission telling the Ninth Circuit the federal government owes it millions are miscalculating refunds stemming from the state’s energy crisis 15 years ago; scientists conclude almond-orchard spraying may kill pollinator bees, and more.

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1.) Ninth Circuit Gun Case Could Have Major Impact

The Ninth Circuit on Wednesday gave no indication how it would rule on whether an Alameda County zoning ordinance that bars gun stores from within 500 feet of schools, liquor stores and homes violates the Second Amendment.

 2.) Filibuster Promised as Gorsuch Wraps Up in Senate Committee

Wrapping up a nearly week-long hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch moved one step closer Thursday to what is expected to be a bitter fight before the full Senate.

 3.) California Tells Ninth Circuit That Feds Owe It Millions

An attorney for the California Public Utilities Commission told the Ninth Circuit on Wednesday that the federal government owes it millions of dollars after miscalculating refunds stemming from California’s energy crisis 15 years ago.

 4.) National Security Letters Taken to Ninth Circuit

The Ninth Circuit on Wednesday heard arguments that imposing potentially permanent gag orders on companies that must give the FBI information about customers through national security letters, but without a warrant, is unconstitutional.

 5.) Man Cleared After Pooch Weaponized Bike Rack

The New Yorker whose dog tore off down Lexington Avenue, weaponizing the bicycle rack to which her leash had been tied, is not liable to another man injured in the melee, an appeals court ruled.

 6.) Almond-Orchard Spraying May Kill Pollinator Bees

Without honey bees, almond farmers would have no crop. But scientists have discovered that fungicides commonly used in almond orchards are putting their main pollinators in extreme danger.

 7.) 10th Circuit Hears Tulsa University Rape Case

The University of Tulsa barred a student from referencing her attacker’s sexually violent past in his disciplinary hearing after he raped her, attorneys told the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday morning.

 8.) Princeton Fights to Shield Its Admissions Data

Having prevailed against claims that it discriminated against Asian applicants, Princeton University now wants a federal judge to keep a lid on the admissions materials it provided for regulators.

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