Top CNS stories for today including Russian President Vladimir Putin announcing he won’t retaliate against U.S. for sanctions; Florida judges facing a renewed push in the legislature for judicial term limits; 15 state attorneys general warn President-elect Donald Trump not to scrap clean power, and more.

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1.) Putin Says Russia Won’t Retaliate Over Sanctions

Russian President Vladimir Putin rebuked the United States on Friday for imposing sanctions and expelling diplomats in response to allegations of Russian meddling in the American presidential election, but said no U.S. diplomats will be ousted in reprisal for Washington’s moves.

2.) N.C. Gov.-Elect Sues Over GOP Power Grab

North Carolina’s incoming Democratic governor on Friday sued to block a new law passed by the Republican controlled legislature earlier this month to limit his powers as he prepares to take office.

3.) Florida Judges to Face Renewed Term Limit Push

One of Florida’s top lawmakers has renewed his call for 12-year term limits for judges, and just as happened when he first raised the issue last year, he’s facing vigorous opposition from the state’s legal community.

4.) March Retrial Set in S.C. Police-Shooting Case

Prosecutors in South Carolina will get their second chance to convict former North Charleston police officer Michael Slager of murder beginning on March 1, two months before his federal civil rights trial over the shooting of an unarmed black motorist is set to begin.

5.) AGs Warn Trump Not to Scrap Clean Power Plan

If President-elect Donald Trump withdraws from the Clean Power Plan, his administration will meet 15 states battered by climate change in court, a coalition of attorneys general warned.

6.)  Lobbyist Says Tech Guy Concocted Hostage Story

Humiliated after he was charged with taking a computer technician “hostage, a D.C. lobbyist wants punitive damages from his accuser, as well as Dell and Unisys.

7.) First Circuit Revives Boston Drug-Test Case

The First Circuit ruled the Boston Police Department did not implement urinalysis as an alternative to hair-follicle drug testing to reduce the disparately higher likelihood for false positives among black employees.

8.) Groups Fight $1.2 Billion Development in L.A.

Two community groups have taken Los Angeles to court to block a controversial $1.2 billion development of homes, stores and a hotel in a poor neighborhood south of downtown.

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