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Top CNS stories for today including California lawmakers demanding information about a series of February deportation raids; attorneys spar in court about a Native American tribe’s religious objections to the Dakota Access pipeline; a Florida lawmaker introduces a bill that would allow the state legislature to reverse court rulings; new research finds the overwhelming number of wildfires are caused by humans, and more.

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1.) California Demands Information About Immigration Raids

California lawmakers on Monday demanded more information from federal immigration officials about a series of February deportation raids that fueled “confusion and fear” in the Golden State, home to an estimated 10 million immigrants.

2.) Religion Probed at Hearing on Dakota Access Pipeline

Attorneys sparred in court Tuesday about a Native American tribe’s religious objections to the oil pipeline being built by Dakota Access under a lake used for tribal rituals.

 3.) Florida Bill Allows Pols to Reverse Court Rulings

A Florida lawmaker wants to allow the state legislature to reverse court rulings that declare a state statute unconstitutional and enshrine the measure in the state’s constitution.

 4.) Justices Balk at Block to Sentencing Discretion

The Supreme Court appeared critical Tuesday of the harsh sentence given to a man who was found to have interfered in interstate commerce because his robbery interrupted the victim’s plans to trade methamphetamine for sex with a prostitute.

 5.) Government-Led Prayer Gets En Banc Hearing

The constitutionality of government-led prayer will be determined by the entire Sixth Circuit in an en banc hearing, following a poll of its judges without a request from the parties involved

6.) Egg-Label Rules Not Needed, Ninth Circuit Says

The Ninth Circuit ruled Monday that federal agencies acted reasonably when they denied petitions by animal-rights groups to label egg cartons based on how hens are raised.

7.)  Vast Majority of Wildfires Caused by Humans

People cause 84 percent of all wildfires in the United States, according to new research that highlights the “remarkable influence” humans have on size and severity of these disasters.

8.) Hostile Politics Threaten Rebuilding Plan for Rarest American Gray Wolf

An agency plan to help a struggling population of critically endangered Mexican wolves overcome a genetic bottleneck must now navigate a minefield of proposed bills, an injunction, and rampant anti-predator sentiment in the Trump Administration.

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