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Top CNS stories for today including 190,000 evacuated as California’s Lake Oroville dam spills over; documents provided to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch reveal a speedy selection process as Donald Trump prepared to take the reins of government; a federal judge  refused on Monday to issue a restraining order to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline; Greece reclaims a looted sarcophagus believed to be more than 1,800 years old, and more.

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1.) Blow Dealt to Sioux on Dakota Access Pipeline

A federal judge refused to issue a restraining order Monday now that Dakota Access has the last permit it needs to finish building much-protested oil pipeline.

2.) 190,000 Evacuated as California Dam Spills Over

Nearly 190,000 Californians were evacuated this weekend from areas below the nation’s tallest dam at Lake Oroville, as erosion threatened the dam’s main spillway and a backup, emergency spillway was opened for the first time in the dam’s history.

3.) Gorsuch Documents Reveal Swift Selection Process

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch revealed the details of his selection process in a 68-page questionnaire submitted to the Senate Judiciary Committee over the weekend. He says he didn’t speak with then-President-elect Donald Trump until Jan. 14, and only learned he was the nominee on Jan. 30, the day before his selection was announced.

4.) Bank of America Scolded Over Pre-2008 Lending

The Seventh Circuit issued Bank of America a stinging rebuke, finding it should not recover $893,000 from three convicted fraudsters because its own reckless mortgage lending showed deliberate indifference to the risk of losing the money.

5.) Calif. Aqueduct Sinks as Central Valley’s Groundwater Dries Up

Over-pumping of groundwater during California’s six-year drought has caused land in the Central Valley to sink, threatening vital canals that provide water to nearly two-thirds of the state’s 39 million residents.

6.) Greece Reclaims Looted 200 A.D. Sarcophagus

An ancient sarcophagus looted west of Thessaloniki almost three decades ago can “echo a sigh of relief across the oceans of time” upon its return to Athens, a Greek diplomat said at a repatriation ceremony in New York on Friday.

7.)  Court Stops Solitary for Ex-Death Row Prisoners

Death-row inmates in Pennsylvania should not be kept in solitary confinement while awaiting resentencing after their death sentences have been vacated, the Third Circuit ruled.

8.) Feds Avert Challenge to Roundup of Wild Horses

An animal-rights group lost their court battle to block the U.S. government from removing hundreds of wild horses from Utah’s Cedar Mountains.

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