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Top CNS stories for today including Judges and court clerks from across California convening Thursday to consider a range of trial court funding priorities ahead of budget talks with the Legislature; a French presidential hopeful courts U.S. climate scientists; young penguins are being driven to starvation by fishing and climate change; a pipeline proposal inspires spirited debate in rural Louisiana, and more.

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1.) California Judicial Branch Makes Budget Strategy

Judges and court clerks from across California convened Thursday to consider a range of trial court funding priorities that will comprise the core of budget talks with the Legislature in the coming months.

2.) French Presidential Hopeful Courts U.S. Climate Scientists

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron has extended an invitation to U.S. climate scientists to consider France their new home in the wake of Donald Trump’s ascendancy to the White House.

3.) Young Penguins Driven to Starvation by Fishing and Climate Change

Rapid shifts in the ocean caused by fishing and climate change threaten the endangered African penguin, whose natural instincts lead it to seek food in regions that are now resource-poor and filled with predators.

4.) Pipeline Inspires Spirited Debate in Rural Louisiana

Hundreds of protesters converged on a small town about 90 minutes outside of New Orleans to raise their voices in opposition to the proposed Bayou Bridge Pipeline, an extension of the recently revived and highly controversial Dakota Access Pipeline.

5.) Microsoft’s Suit Over U.S. Snooping Advances

A federal judge refused to dismiss Microsoft’s constitutional lawsuit against the Department of Justice for prohibiting tech companies from telling customers when the government reads their emails and other data.

6.) Trump Nominee’s Company Hit With Antitrust Suit

Carl Karcher Enterprises, whose CEO Andrew Puzder is President Donald Trump’s nominee as secretary of labor, illegally restricts employment and suppresses pay for fast-food managers through contracts that prohibit franchisees from hiring each other’s workers, Carl’s Jr. employees say in an antitrust class action.

7.)  Judge Sends Water From Farmers to Salmon

A federal judge Wednesday ordered the federal government to redirect water earmarked for commercial interests to help stop a salmon die-off on the California-Oregon border.

8.) Damning City Records Released on Ghost Ship Fire

In the two years before the Ghost Ship fire killed 36 people in an illegally converted Oakland warehouse, police had been called to the site 35 times on reports of serious crimes, illegal raves, and once because 15 people had been barricaded inside, city records show.

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