Nightly Brief

Top CNS stories for today including a federal judge in Seattle blocks Trump travel ban with nationwide effect; a Facebook user-privacy battle hits New York’s high court; legal experts see a young Scalia in President Donald Trump’s SCOTUS pick; a collaborative effort to raise and release Quino checkerspot butterflies in California may be the last chance to save them, and more.

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1.) Federal Judge in Seattle Blocks Trump Travel Ban With Nationwide Effect

A federal judge in Washington state dealt another blow to the Trump administration’s ban on entry into the United States from seven Muslim-majority nations, striking down enforcement of the ban in all 50 states.

2.) Facebook User-Privacy Battle Hits NY High Court

Facebook attorneys will fight in front of New York’s high court on Tuesday to keep user accounts off limits to prosecutors investigating Social Security fraud by 9/11 first responders.

3.) UC System Settles Student’s Assault Claims for $1.15M

In one of the largest settlements of a Title IX sexual assault case, the University of California Regents agreed to pay $1.15 million to a former University of California, Santa Cruz student who claims she was raped by her professor.

4.)  Attorneys Debate Right to Sue in Clean Water Case

Attorneys defending an electric company in a hearing attacked one of environmentalism’s most effective tools – citizens’ ability to sue when government agencies don’t enforce environmental laws.

5.) Legal Experts See Young Scalia in SCOTUS Pick

For 27 percent of Trump voters, Supreme Court appointments were the most important factor in their decision to vote for him. Looking at the judge tapped Tuesday from the 10th Circuit to fill the job, many believe Trump kept his promise to voters.

6.) Embattled Pollinator Gets Helping Hand

A collaborative effort to raise and release Quino checkerspot butterflies in California may be the last chance to save them.

7.)  Trial Begins for First Defendants in Bundy Ranch Standoff

Criminal trial begins Monday for the first six of 17 defendants charged with multiple felonies in the armed standoff with federal agents at Cliven Bundy’s ranch in April 2014.

8.) Retailer Must Face Claims Over Bathroom Access

An Illinois woman who suffers from Crohn’s disease can sue the retail store Anthropologie for refusing her access to its employee restroom, causing her to defecate on herself in front of other shoppers, a state appeals court ruled.

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