Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Forests May Not Save Us From Climate Change, New Study Finds
     For years, scientists have believed that the world’s forests help to curb greenhouse gas emissions by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. But new research suggests that climate change may turn North American forests into a “thermostat gone bad” that will eventually add carbon to the atmosphere instead of removing it.
     2.) GOP Plank Reverses Push on Crime and Punishment
     Long the party of “tough on crime” stances, the GOP adopted a platform Monday embracing the reduction of mandatory minimum sentences for non-violent crimes.
     3.) Court Rules for Calif. in Water-Tunnel Dispute
     State officials don’t have to pay landowners to access their property for environmental testing as part of a massive tunnel project that will divert water to Central and Southern California, the state’s high court ruled Thursday.
     4.) California Regulator Can’t Duck Cabbies’ Suit
     A federal judge on Wednesday refused to dismiss a traditional taxi company’s claims that commissioners with the California Public Utilities Commission usurp the authority of cities and counties by regulating Uber and Lyft.
     5.) Chicago Must Defend 9% Tax on Streaming Services
     Chicago residents scored a victory in court Thursday when a judge ruled that three counts of their class-action lawsuit against the city’s tax on streaming media services like Netflix can proceed.
     6.) Updated Brain Map Reveals 97 New Regions
     A detailed map of the cerebral cortex has presented a unique opportunity to analyze and treat a host of mental illnesses, work previously stifled by outdated technology and limited knowledge of the brain’s complex inner workings.
     7.) Fox News CEO Roger Ailes Is Out After Sex Lawsuit
     Fox News Network CEO Roger Ailes is resigning, the station’s parent company, 21st Century Fox announced Thursday afternoon.
     8.) Federal Judge Curtails Sheriff Arpaio’s Powers
     A federal judge Wednesday removed some of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s authority over his Internal Affairs department, finding “America’s Toughest Sheriff” minimized punishments of his command staff or failed to discipline them at all for civil rights violations.

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