Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Sanders Supporters Boo Calls to Embrace Hillary Clinton
     Sen. Bernie Sanders thanked a ballroom stocked with rabid supporters for building his progressive movement over the past year, but his supporters booed when he called on them to support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.
     2.) DNC Kicks Off With Protest & Controversy
     Democrats opening their national convention in Philadelphia on Monday hoped to present themselves as united, progressive party in marked contrast to the fractious GOP on display in Cleveland last week, but an email scandal, leadership shuffle and thousands of protesters in the streets promises to make this a far more interesting week indeed.
     3.) 6th Circ. Tosses $19 Trillion Google Lawsuit
     The Sixth Circuit dismissed a $19 trillion lawsuit against Google brought by a man distressed because a search of his name appeared to link him to a child indecency case.
     4.) Zika Found in Common House Mosquitoes
     Brazilian researchers have found the “presence of the Zika virus” in common house mosquitoes in Brazil, the nation where the epidemic initially began.
     5.) Eighth Circuit Crushes Wal-Mex Bribery Case
     Wal-Mart shareholders have no proof the company board knew about allegations of bribery at Wal-Mart’s Mexican subsidiary prior to a New York Times expose in 2012, the Eighth Circuit ruled.
     6.) Judge Slams Uber for Digging Up Litigant’s Dirt
     Uber’s unlicensed private eyes used “fraudulent and arguably criminal conduct” to snoop on a Connecticut man suing over the ride-sharing giant’s surge pricing model, a federal judge said Monday.
     7.) Hacked Democratic Party Emails Reveal the Underside of Politics
     As the FBI confirms an investigation into who perpetrated a hack of the Democratic Party, one campaign finance expert said the more than 19,000 documents made public reveal the seamy underbelly of politics as practiced by both parties.
     8.) EPA to Crack Down on Airline Emissions
     The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Monday that it would crack down on airplane emissions due to impacts of jet exhaust on climate change and human health.

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