Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Trump Says Russia Should Find Clinton’s Missing Emails
     GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump made an extraordinary plea during a Florida news conference on Wednesday, beseeching Russian hackers to find a supposed 30,000 missing emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server, adding that if found, their handiwork would reveal “some beauties.”
     2.) Obama Will Seek to Define Legacy While Making Case for Clinton
     With his last State of the Union address behind him, President Barack Obama is expected to use his keynote address at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday night to defend and define his years in the White House while making his case for Hillary Clinton as his only worthy successor.
     3.) Reform Advocates Split on DNC Redistricting Plank
     Those who advocate for reforming the way states draw their district maps say the next few years are critical for their movement, but advocates are divided on what new system to implement and the Democratic Party platform offers no specifics.
     4.) Last Charges Dismissed in Freddie Gray Case
     Prosecutors on Wednesday dropped remaining charges against officers awaiting trial for the death of Freddie Gray, ending the case without a single conviction.
     5.) Reagan Shooter Hinckley Can Live Out of Hospital
     Nearly 35 years after attempting to assassinate then-President Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley Jr. can live full-time outside a mental hospital, a federal judge ruled Wednesday.
     6.) Slenderman Stabbers Lose Appeal for Juvie Trial
     Two Wisconsin girls will stand trial as adults after nearly succeeding in murdering their classmate at age 12, a state appeals court ruled Wednesday.
     7.) Feds Say PG&E Opened Door to New Evidence
     On what was set to be the last day of a six-week criminal trial, prosecutors on Tuesday said Pacific Gas and Electric opened the door to new evidence by making unsupported claims in its closing argument.
     8.) Senate Cafeteria Workers to Collect $1M in Unpaid Wages
     Cafeteria workers on Capitol Hill will recoup over $1 million in back pay after an investigation by the Labor Department found private contractors were misclassifying employees to pay them less than they should have.

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