Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Fourth Circuit Strikes Down N.C. Voter ID Law
     The Fourth Circuit on Friday struck down North Carolina’s restrictive voter ID law, ruling that it was enacted with “discriminatory intent.”
     2.) A Love Affair With Lanyards: Inside the Republican and Democratic Conventions
     What Democrats and Republicans lack in ideological common ground they make up for in bitter distrust among their internal factions, an intense love-hate relationship with the press and a prolific propensity for dishing out lanyards.
     3.) Kansas Must Count Disputed State Votes
     Kansas must count potentially thousands of votes in state and local races from people who’ve registered without providing citizenship documents, a county judged ruled on Friday.
     4.) Florida Has First Native Zika Cases, Governor Says
     Florida Gov. Rick Scott said Friday that the state likely has the first cases of Zika transmitted by mosquitoes on the U.S. mainland.
     5.) Divergence in Big-Name Political Bribery Cases
     Courts shook up political bribery cases Friday as the Third Circuit advanced charges against New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez while the Fourth Circuit put a pin in Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s retrial.
     6.) Burying Greenhouse Gas a Viable Idea, Study Finds
     Storing massive amounts of carbon dioxide underground may be a more effective tool for limiting global climate change than previously thought, a study released Thursday says.
     7.) Court Sends Freed Sex Offender Back to Program
     A Texan must remain in the former prison where the state houses civilly-committed sex offenders, a state appeals court ruled Friday, reversing an order that found his detention unconstitutional and released him.
     8.) 1K Pounds of Lobsters Seized from Price Chopper
     Price Chopper’s attempts to sell undersized lobsters in New York netted more than 1,100 pounds of seized goods since March, state regulators said Thursday.

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