Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) IRS Stumbles in Bid to Follow Stale Trail of Tax-Evasion Breadcrumbs
     Having waited years to probe a 2001 tax scheme, the IRS needs proof that the old financial records still exist before it can demand to see them, the Second Circuit ruled Monday.
     2.) Veteran’s Family Wants Out of Trump Media Craze
     The parents of a decorated Muslim Army captain killed in Iraq said Monday they want to extricate themselves from the highly public feud with GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump to maintain their dignity.
     3.) Columbia’s ‘Rape Culture’ Scapegoating Case Revived
     Columbia University must face claims that it scapegoated a varsity athlete accused of sexual assault to quiet critics, the Second Circuit ruled.
     4.) Claims Over UC Berkeley Assault Probes on Thin Ice
     A federal judge reluctantly dismissed with leave to amend two civil cases against the University of California, Berkeley, that claimed the institution failed to do enough under Title IX to address two separate instances of sexual assault.
     5.) Blocking Arbitation, Judge Puts Uber on a Spit
     Roasting Uber for its “endless, turgid, often impenetrable sets of terms and conditions,” a federal judge kept claims over surge pricing safe from arbitration
     6.) ‘Big Dogs’ Want Rehearing on Net Neutrality
     Industry groups urged the D.C. Circuit to hold an en banc rehearing on recently upheld net-neutrality rules allowing greater federal regulation of internet providers.
     7.) Warming Lake Tahoe Also Less Blue, Report Finds
     Climate change has caused a spike in the surface temperatures of Lake Tahoe, causing officials and environmentalists to fret over whether a warming planet will thwart their fight to keep Tahoe blue, according to a report.
     8.) Judge Strikes Down Parts of Wis. Voting Laws
     A federal judge ruled that Wisconsin must offer a way to let voters cast ballots without a photo ID, and found a restriction on absentee voting was intentionally crafted to suppress the black vote.

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