Nightly Brief

     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Obama Urges GOP Lawmakers to Abandon Trump as ‘Unfit’
     President Barack Obama on Tuesday offered his strongest denunciation to date of the Republican nominee Donald Trump, and urged GOP lawmakers to abandon their support for the party’s controversial candidate. Meanwhile, in a first, a congressional Republican said this morning that he’ll be voting for Hillary Clinton.
     2.) Shell Denies Playing Games in Energy Crisis
     In a bid to avoid reimbursing Californians tens of millions of dollars in overcharges, Shell and others told the Ninth Circuit Monday that they didn’t manipulate electricity prices during California’s energy crisis 15 years ago.
     3.) New Zika Cases Prompt Fla. Travel Warning
     A travel warning has been issued after more than a dozen people contracted the Zika virus from local mosquitoes around Miami, the Florida Department of Health reported Monday.
     4.) Trump Says He’ll Make Gulf Allies Pay for ISIS Safe Zone
     Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took aim at the United State’s allies among Persian Gulf states on Tuesday, saying they would not exist without U.S. help and need to do more to bring the Islamic State to heel in Syria.
     5.) Prison Ban on Motorized Wheelchairs Shelved
     A ban on motorized wheelchairs in New York prisons and jails violates the rights of disabled inmates, the Second Circuit said. The ruling has been hailed as unprecedented.
     6.) Ex-L.A. Sheriff to Be Tried in Corruption Case
     Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Leroy Baca on Monday withdrew a guilty plea of lying to federal investigators, a decision that means he will face a trial and potential obstruction of justice charges
     7.) No Divorce Part II for Ex of Frank Sinatra’s Late Son
     Frank Sinatra Jr. did not enter into a common-law marriage with his ex-wife of 15 years, a Texas appeals court ruled, cutting the woman off from Sinatra’s estate.
     8.) NYPD Commissioner to Resign on Heels of Police-Brutality Rally
     Bill Bratton will tender his resignation Tuesday as commissioner of the New York City Police Department, officials say. The unexpected exit comes after hundreds rallied outside New York City Hall for the start of what has been billed as an Occupy-style protest against “racist police brutality.”

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