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     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Bill to Eliminate Convenience Fees on Court Payments Set to Pass California Legislature
     The California Senate has all but passed a bill to eliminate convenience fees charged by companies controlling electronic gateways into courthouses. The push towards new technology in California courts has a long and checkered history of mismanagement by court bureaucrats who spent enormous sums on failed software while fighting diehard battles against press access and giving themselves special privileges.

     2.) California Faulted for Ignoring Water During Oil-Drilling Frenzy
     An environmental group says California regulators are too lax in protecting the state’s precious groundwater amid an historic drought and shouldn’t allow new oil and gas wells in San Luis Obispo County.
     3.) Trump Admits He Was Wrong on Iran ‘Video’
     Donald Trump on Friday morning did something he’s rarely if ever done over the course of his highly unusual campaign for the presidency he admitted he was wrong when he claimed this week that he saw a video of the U.S. cash payment to Iran.
     4.) Bus That Rolls Above Traffic Debuts in China
     A solution to traffic congestion in major metropolitan areas may be closer to becoming a reality, after a Chinese company showcased its new “flying” bus — able to leapfrog over traffic jams — earlier this week.
     5.) 9th Cir. Lets ‘Comfort Women’ Statue Stand
     The Ninth Circuit on Thursday affirmed dismissal of a lawsuit demanding that Glendale dismantle a public monument to South Korean “comfort women” forced into sexual slavery during World War II.
     6.) Third Parties Lose Fight for Debate Inclusion
     A federal judge on Friday shot down the Libertarian and Green Parties’ claim that they have a legal right to participate in this year’s presidential debates
     7.) LA Court’s Avatar Cuts Wait Times at Counter
     Multilingual online avatar “Gina” and telephone interpreter services at the counter are two ways the LA County courts help 10 million Angelenos pay their traffic tickets and fight evictions.
     8.) Attorney Drops Case Against Legal Directory
     A lawyer who accused legal marketplace Avvo of misappropriating attorneys’ names and likenesses agreed to dismiss his case to avoid paying Avvo’s attorney’s fees, after a judge indicated his claims couldn’t hold up.

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