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Top CNS stories for today including the Justice Department taking on Barclays Capital in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit claiming the company deceived investors about the risky securities that led to catastrophic losses in the 2008 financial crisis; President-elect Donald Trump taking to Twitter to complaint that his getting electing is stopping his son’s charitable work; a federal judge ordering the Justice Department to turn over files on a secret telephone data-mining program, generic drug maker Teva to pay $519 million to settle bribery claims, and more.

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1.) Justice Department Takes On Barclays

Bringing the first lawsuit of its kind, the United States says Barclays Capital repeatedly deceived investors about the risk of tens of billions of dollars of residential-mortgage-backed securities, causing “catastrophic” losses in the 2008 financial crisis.

2.) Clinics Say Los Angeles County Fails Thousands of Ill and Disabled

Thousands of sick and disabled Los Angeles County residents are wrongly denied health care through California Medicaid because the county fails to process their renewals on time, advocates for the poor claim in court.

3.) Trump Takes to Twitter Over Charity Kerfuffle

Bringing to a close a week of increased concerns over conflicts of interest in the president-elect’s family, Donald Trump took to Twitter Friday to complain that getting elected is stopping his son’s charitable work.

4.) Judge Wants a Look at Secret ‘Hemisphere’ Surveillance Program

A federal judge Thursday ordered the Department of Justice to give her files on a secret telephone data-mining program so she can determine if it can withhold the records from the public.

5.) Judge Tells Berkeley and United States to Get Ready for an Epic Battle

A federal judge Thursday played devil’s advocate in the four-year battle between Berkeley and the U.S. Postal Service’s proposed sale of a historic Post Office building, telling them to get ready for a trial in which he wants to see “witnesses up here being hammered and beat up, and blood on the floor.”

6.)  Teva Hit With Historic Fine in Overseas Bribery Case

Teva, one the largest generic drug makers in the world, has agreed to pay $519 million to settle criminal and civil charges that it bolstered its business overseas by bribing government officials in Russia, Mexico and Ukraine.

7.) US, Rhode Island Get $40M Toward Polluted Site

Nearly 100 entities facing liability for pollution at a Rhode Island Superfund site reached a $40 million settlement with federal and state authorities.

8.) Yellowstone’s Arsenic Problem Spurs Lawsuit

In the picturesque mountains near the nation’s first national park, a small water and sewer district is taking on the National Park Service in a dispute over arsenic in wastewater coming from Yellowstone National Park that’s treated by the sewer district.

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