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     1.) Judge Refuses to Order Deposition in Conservatives’ Clinton Email Suit
     A federal judge on Friday rejected a request to force Hillary Clinton to submit to a sworn deposition in a lawsuit related to her use of a private email server while she was secretary of state, instead she will have to answer questions from a conservative legal advocacy group in writing.
     2.) Journalist’s Subpoena Seen As Jeopardizing Unfettered Reporting on Criminal Cases
     A district attorney’s subpeona of a Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter is causing consternation among scores of news media outlets who on Friday filed an amicus brief asking the judge in the ‘Baby Hope’ murder case to block the journalist’s testimony.
     3.) Ninth Circuit Shields Hawaii Open Primaries
     Preserving a nearly 40-year-old tradition of open primaries in Hawaii, the Ninth Circuit rejected claims that the system tramples the Democratic Party’s free-speech rights.

     4.) Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort Resigns
     Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort resigned Friday morning, days after losing almost all of his authority in staff shake-up and amid continuing controversy over alleged payments he received from pro-Russia partisans in the Ukraine.
     5.) Texas Fights Lashes Over Its Hurdles to Voting
     Texas officials got up swinging this week after a federal judge found the state’s exclusion of interpreters at polling sites unconstitutional, and said they will ask the Supreme Court to reverse another ruling that found its voter ID law discriminatory.
     6.) Group Champions Resources for Ex-Inmates
     Touting new resources dedicated to stamping out recidivism, a federal task force says it is now focused on building awareness so “that the tools for successful reentry reach the communities that need them most.”
     7.) ‘Happy Birthday’ Copyright Attorneys Get $4.6 Million
     The attorneys who persuaded a federal judge that the song “Happy Birthday to You” belongs in the public domain were awarded $4.6 million in fees this week.
     8.) Attorney Says FBI Lied About Spying on Press
     A leaked FBI file shows the government lied about strengthening rules to limit its warrantless surveillance of journalists, a press advocates’ attorney told a federal judge Thursday.

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