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     The day’s top stories from Courthouse News in short takes with links.
     1.) Class Suing Donald Trump’s Real Estate School Survives Attack
     Donald Trump learned Tuesday he won’t be able to stop a looming post-election, class-action trial against his now-defunct real estate school Trump University, after a federal judge denied his attempt to decertify the class.
     2.) California Judges & Court Workers Blast Standardized Pay Proposal
     Judges and court officials throughout California have united against a proposal to standardize salaries for the state’s trial court employees, saying it’s likely to be incredibly costly and won’t do much to improve service.
     3.) Feds Find 30 Clinton Emails About Benghazi
     Of the thousands of emails uncovered on Hillary Clinton’s private server, the State Department said Tuesday that roughly 30 contained information about the 2012 attack on a U.S. consulate in Benghazi.
     4.) Cure to Zika Virus May Be in Existing Drugs
     A new vaccine to fight the Zika virus may not be necessary at all, after a specialized drug screen test revealed two classes of compounds that could potentially be used to halt or hinder the virus’s progress.
     5.) Illinois Supreme Court Kills Redistricting Reform
     A divided Illinois Supreme Court invalidated a proposed ballot initiative intended to reduce partisanship in legislative redistricting, denying voters the chance to vote on the amendment in fall.
     6.) Judges Show Support for Solar Projects on Virgin Land
      An environmental challenge to new solar-energy developments across the Southwest curried little sympathy Monday from the Ninth Circuit.
     7.) Women Fleeing Violence Abroad Must Be Deported
     Twenty-eight Central American women who entered the United States illegally with their minor children while fleeing violence in their homelands are not entitled to judicial review of their deportation cases, the Third Circuit ruled Monday
     8.) Victory for ‘Mama B’: Same-Sex Parenting Evolves in NY
     Scrapping 25-year-old precedent, New York’s highest court granted parental rights Tuesday to two women who lack biological links to their ex-partners’ children.

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