Nigerian Woman Sues Delta Over Passage

ATLANTA (CN) – A Nigerian woman living in Georgia claims that Delta Airlines officials in Barbados refused to allow her onboard a flight back to Atlanta because she carried a Nigerian passport and was much younger than her white husband.

     Mkuma Bartko, a United States resident alien and medical student, arrived in Barbados in July as a part of a connecting flight from Grenada where the woman and her husband, a lawyer, had vacationed.
     She says that a Delta supervisor was incorrectly told that her travel papers had expired after the supervisor “took one look at Mrs. Bartko and realized she was traveling on a Nigerian passport; was traveling with her husband, a Caucasian citizen of the United States; and that Mrs. Bartko was significantly younger than her husband.”
     The situation was eventually resolved after her husband returned to the United States without her to speak with Delta Air Lines officials and the plaintiff’s immigration lawyer.
     The plaintiff is represented by her husband, Gregory Bartko.

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