NHTSA Will Shorten|Stopping Distance for Semis

     WASHINGTON (CN) – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration plans to require a 30 percent improvement in stopping distance for new heavy truck tractors, within two years.
Although the agency has estimated that 227 lives would be saved and 300 serious injuries would be prevented each year if all heavy semis followed the proposed standard, the agency has stopped short of requiring it for existing vehicles.
     The proposed standard would require new trucks to be able stop within 250 feet from 60 miles per hour, when loaded, instead of the current 355 feet. The small number of very heavy severe service tractors would have to be able to stop within 310 feet. When lightly loaded, the distance for all the heavy trucks would be 235 feet.
     The agency stated that manufacturers of very heavy severe service tractors would have an additional two years to comply, because design changes may be required, and complete testing would need to be done.
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