New York Sues Feds Over Flounder Limits

     BROOKLYN (CN) – The State of New York challenges the federal government’s 2008 flounder limits for recreational fishermen in coastal waters from Massachusetts to North Carolina, claiming regulators unreasonably based their state-by-state limits on obsolete data, rather than using coastwide data.

     New York claims the limits were based on a 1998 survey that “was never an appropriate basis for setting state-by-state recreational management measures.” It claims the 2008 limits violate the Magnuson-Stevens Act, and will hurt New York’s recreational fishers and the businesses that serve them, “saddling them with the most stringent restrictions in the history of the fishery, with no benefit from this discriminatory treatment flowing to the summer flounder stock.”
     The state sued the Department of Commerce, the National Marine Fisheries Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in Federal Court.

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