New Ways to Measure|Energy Efficiency

     WASHINGTON (CN) – Full-fuel-cycle analysis of energy and greenhouse gas emissions are two new measures the Department of Energy plans to make available for consumers to compare the energy efficiency of different brands and models of commercial and industrial equipment.

     The agency currently measures energy efficiency based on the consumption of energy at the equipment site, plus energy losses that occur in generation, transmission and distribution of electricity.
     This point-of-use method does not consider the energy consumed in the manufacture and transportation of the equipment, nor does it include an analysis of the cost and energy consumption of greenhouse gas emissions from the equipment.
     Full-fuel-cycle analysis includes energy consumed before installation of equipment on site and expected primary energy use at the installation site.
     For the consumer, this will mean more information on the Energy Guide labels on new appliances, indicating the expected lifetime greenhouse gas emissions the appliance is predicted to make and the estimated greenhouse gas emissions already made in the pre-installation life-cycle of the appliance.
     In addition, on-line databases maintained by the Federal Trade Commission to provide consumers comparison data will also include the estimated lifetime emissions data and full-fuel-cycle analysis for each appliance.
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